Best Revenue Share Program Currently Available – URS (UltimateRevShare)


This is the best Revenue Share Program currently available. To call this as the best there are several reasons. You can check more details about this program from here.

  1. Owner of this program is Tom Taylor, He is a Australian Person that have 20 years of experience in this industry.
  2. Adpack structures are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $40.
  3. No Membership Fees.
  4. Repurchase Rule is 50% for Earnings and 50% for Repurchase.
  5. Max Withdrawal is $120.
  6. Time takes to process the Withdrawals Request is 24hr.
  7. There is a feature called “Profit Booster”.
  8. Overall there is a 12% Sales Commission. In the First level 10% and for the 2nd level 2%.
  9. If you have $7500 Active Shares you can withdraw $100 per day.
  10. Withdrawals are allowed Monday to Friday. (No withdrawal in Weekends)
  11. Facebook Group : (If you are not beliving me join to this group and see the comments and Payment proofs. Then join to the program from here and If you are interested comment on this post and I will help you on this

AdPack Structure


Maximum packs for a AdPack Level is 120 (This will increase in the due course)

How to Earn Money from URS

  • Open the site and click ‘Join”


  • Fill all the details (Username, Email Address, Password and Country)
  • Check the “I verify that the above information is correct including the referral ID”
  • Click “I’m ready – Let me in”


  • Once the Registration is done go to your email and verify your email
  • Now Login using the Credentials you have created.


  • When You login for the first time you can see a Login ad, wait 10sec and click “skip Ad”


  • Now you can see the Dashboard.


Add Funds to URS

To fund to the URS you need a payment Processor. I know you heard then very well. For example PayPal is one of the popular payment processor but unfortunately in this revenue share they won’t allow it.

Instead they have 2Pay4You, Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money, OkPay, Bitcoin and SolidTrustPay, once you have enough account balance, you may use that also to purchase additional Media-packs.

First you must set the payment processor and the Profile info. Go to Member Tools > My Profile and then complete the profile info and then in the Payment Processor fill the processor details you are going to use

Most Important: You tried to withdraw to to a processor that you are not supposed to withdraw to. Let me explain. If you deposited with two or even three payment processors, you are only allowed to withdraw with the processor you deposited the most money with. So if I deposited $100 with Payeer, $50 with Bitcoin and $120 with STP, I will only be allowed to withdraw with STP as that was the processor I deposited the most money with.

Now to add funds go to Finance > Add Funds

Buy URS AdPacks

Then go to Finance > Purchase Media Packs and Buy $1 Ad Packs. There is no pre-requisite for Level 1 Ad packs ($1), But If you want to buy below Ad Packs you have to have min 100 Ad packs of the Above level. Please check the below table to have a good idea about the Ad packs and the requirements.


Suft 5 Ads every 24 hr

This requirement is not yet enabled but it will be soon. So every 24hr you have to surf 5 ads. You can click on the “Ad to Surf” number and when the page loads click on a advertisement and wait 10sec. Do this 5 times a day. If not you won’t get earnings!!!



Build your Account

You will get earnings in every 1hr so the best way to build your account is buy Ad packs from your Earnings/Repurchase balances. Do this for 1 Month and you will get results. Join our team and I will share the exact numbers.

This is totally different from other revenue share programs, This has a special rule called “Reset Rule”. One member can deposit $2000 max. and he/she can withdraw 300%.

Eg: If one user deposit $2000 he/she can withdraw maximum $6000, after the $6000 withdrawal system reset the Ad packs to “0”. The you have to deposit the money again and start fresh. This way this system will Sustain.

URS Seed Strategy

  • Buy Media packs from the Main Balance + Repurchase Balance for 25 to 30 days
  • Then after 1 month preserve the “Main Balance” and if you collect $50 to $100 then withdraw
  • Meanwhile buy media packs from the “Repurchase Balance”


If you Join to my team I will send you the calculator that include rough estimate earnings and the seed strategy.

Join with our team.

Best of Luck. Check the FAQ page for more details.

Fort Ad Pays – Best Rev Share Site

Fort Ad Pays – Best Rev Share Site
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Get more ideas by going through the Drew Burton’s video series

Start your journey from here:
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