ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter

Extract Messages, Contacts, Calendar, Memos, and Tasks From Your BlackBerry Backup

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is a wonderful utility that allows you to extract emails, contacts, SMS messages, PIN messages, autotext entries, calendar events, phone hotlist entries, memos, phone call logs and tasks from IPD (BlackBerry backup) files to any format you could want (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, MDB, XLS, CSV, etc.). The program is also able to convert messages, contacts, calendar events, memos and tasks from backup files to MS Outlook directly. This can be very useful when you are trying to get information off of your BlackBerry that you do not have stored elsewhere.

Link : Download (Free 30 Day Trial Version )

Visual On Your Hard Drive with Disk Space Fan

Disk Space Fan is a free program available for Windows that scans your storage devices and shows a visual representation of your files.

Not only can Disk Space Fan scan and analyze a complete drive, but you can set it to only scan a specific folder and display the corresponding graphic.

Download : Link

The Feature MSDE can not be Installed on this System

Error : The Feature MSDE can not be Installed on this System

Information : If you try to install Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (also known as MSDE 2000) on a computer that does not have the Server service running, MSDE 2000 may not successfully install.

Solution : go to Services ( Start > Run, type “services.msc” and Press Enter ), Then Run the Server Service from the List

Unable to connect to Remote Registry

Error : “Unable to connect to ( remote machine name). Make sure that this computer is on the network, has remote administration enabled, and that both computers are running the remote registry service.”

Caused When : When I try to remotely connect to the registry of a another Windows PC

Solution : The most common cause of this error is that , the Remote Registry service is not running in the target computer.

Method :

  • Go to Start Menu, then go to Run. Then type “compmgmt.msc” and Press Enter
  • Connect to the remote computer.
  • Start Remote Registry Service.
  • Now you are Done.

Connecting to a Registry on a Remote Computer

  • Run REGEDIT on your Windows XP/Windows 2003 Server.
  • Select File Menu, then choose “Connect Network Registry”.
  • In the Select Computer search box either browse Active Directory to locate the remote server, or type its name in the dialog box and Click OK
  • It will appear the Remote PC’s Registry.