Error : The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start

it is because a corrupt TCP/IP Stack

To fix, you will need to run a command prompt as administrator
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (Right-Click and
Run as Administrator)
At the command Prompt type : netsh winsock reset

Ignore all errors, restart your computer and networking should work

Using CHKNTFS utility

CHKNTFS is a utility that has been developed by Microsoft to disable disk checking on certain drives at Windows startup. To use this utility go to Start –> Run –> cmd.

If you want to disable check disk on C: drive, use the following command on command prompt.

chkntfs /X C:
If you want to disable check disk on two or more drives, just keep on adding the drives:

chkntfs /X C: D: E:

This will disable check disk on C, D and E drives.

If you want to restore what you have done, that is, enable automatic disk checking on all the drives again, just run the following command:

chkntfs /D

This will restore all the drives to automatic disk checkup.