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Test Your Site In Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer

IETester. It’s essentially a Windows-only web browser which emulates the rendering and JavaScript engines of Internet Explorer versions 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 Beta 1. You can browse websites just like you would in any other web browser, with an option for each tab you open to render as one of the four versions. Although it doesn’t have all the features that an actual web browser would have, it’s great when you need to test websites, or if a particular site requires Internet Explorer but doesn’t work with the version you have.

Download : Link

Run Multiple Versions Of IE Simultaneously – Internet Explorer Collection

If you often need to check different web applications for web browser compatibility, then Internet Explorer Collection will come in real handy for such testing. It lets you run multiple versions of IE on the same system simultaneously.

It supports all IE versions from 1 to 8, simply download and run its installer, during the installation process, it will let you select the versions that you wish to install. Choose the versions as per your requirement and then click Next to resume with the installation.

Once completed, you will see all the selected versions installed, you can launch any version from Start > All Programs > Internet Explorer Collection option. I installed two versions and they are available under my Windows 7 Start menu

Download : Link