Gmail’s New Interface for Composing Messages

“The new compose pops up in a window, just like chats (only larger). This makes it easy to reference any other emails without ever having to close your draft. You can even do a search or keep an eye on new mail as it comes in. And because the compose window works the same way as chats, you can write multiple messages at once and minimize a message to finish it later.”

Install Google Chrome From Dev or Beta Channel

If you are an advanced user, then you might want to try the new features of your favorite Google Chrome browser before those features make it to the stable final release.

Download ( Windows ): Dev Channel | Beta Channel  |  Canary Build  |  Stable Channel (Latest Usable Release)

Enable The Hidden “Golden Icon” In Google Chrome

This golden icon is from the Canary build (this icon used to be Yellow in the past) and this icon is stored in the executable file for the regular version of Google Chrome too

  • In order to enable the Golden Google Chrome Logo, you need to install Google Chrome from the dev channel.
  • After installing the Google Chrome browser for the Dev channel, right click on it’s icon in the Desktop to get to it’s properties.
  • Now, click on the Shortcut tab in theProperties dialog box. In this tab you will find a button called “Change Icon“. Click on that button.
  • This will bring up a new dialog box with a set of available Google Chrome icons. Here you can find the Golden icon! Just select it and click on ok.